Media Cloud®
What is ?
What is
is recruitment media’s future
Pay for clicks not lengthy contracts
Stuck in long-term job board contracts? Unsure if your money is being well spent? Too many channels to choose from? Then Media Cloud® is for you. It means no more media contracts, total budget flexibility and full channel optimisation - all automatically. This is an industry-leading programmatic media buying platform. This is Media Cloud®.
Media Cloud®is always learning
Always know what’s working and what’s not
The days of wait and see what works are over. Media Cloud® works in a real-time feedback loop with your ATS, careers website and media, so it always knows where your best applications are coming from and automatically allocates your budget to best performing channels.
Media Cloud®is real-time
Promote live roles directly from your careers website or ATS
Add, change or remove roles from your ATS and see those changes in Media Cloud® instantly. You can update your budget, change your channels, create, pause and resume campaigns - all tracked through live analytics in real-time. Everything is in one place.
Media Cloud®is hands-
Rely on AI automation
Couple AI with human expertise
Media Cloud® automatically optimises, putting budget where it’s already working or where extra is needed. You don’t need to lift a finger if you don’t want to.
Media Cloud®+ adds human expertise to the automation. Our media planners will prepare your Media Cloud® platform with bespoke channel splits, weightings, keywords and adwords. We’ll monitor engagement and proactively suggest creative approaches to keep things fresh.
Media Cloud®is practically everywhere
Appear on social media, job boards and industry and lifestyle websites with no contracts
Media Cloud®is great value
Only pay for media when it works
Media Cloud® uses Pay Per Click media. That means you only pay when your roles are performing.
Our clients have reduced cost-per-application and per-hire by as much as 50%.
Media Cloud®is ready for you
Book your demo and begin modernising your recruitment media today